Central Jakarta is not only a place of office buildings, but also a shopping and entertainment center, lol! So, here there are many exciting places that we can visit, as well as interesting places to eat.

If you are confused about finding a restaurant to meet up with friends in Central Jakarta, there is a solution! Starting from cozy restaurants, restaurants with aesthetic decoration, to restaurants with delicious food and drink menus. The following are tips for 10 restaurants in Central Jakarta that you can try to explore  https://dynastylafayette.com/

1. Seribu Rasa
Seribu Rasa is one of the culinary destinations in Central Jakarta that must be visited. This restaurant is known for its variety of delicious seafood dishes. What makes it special, Seribu Rasa has a magnificent and luxurious interior. One of the favorite menus that is worth trying is fish head curry, which is famous for being delicious. With romantic and elegant conditions, this restaurant is suitable for dining with your partner, family or friends. The address is available at Jalan H. Agus Salim No. 128, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Opening hours are from 08.00 – 22.00.

2. Langit Seduh
As the name suggests, Langit Seduh is a culinary place that offers the experience of eating at a height with the sky as the roof. By enjoying delicious dishes, visitors can also enjoy views of the tall buildings in Jakarta. Especially when night falls, a romantic atmosphere can be felt.

Located on the 11th floor of Takes Hotel Jakarta, or more precisely on Jalan Kebon Sirih 1 No. 3, Tanah Abang District, Central Jakarta, this place is too strategic to hang out with relatives or friends.

Langit Seduh has more than one zone with different atmospheres, as well as a backyard decorated with ornamental plants and fence ornaments, enhanced with rows of benches. Apart from being an attractive place, Langit Seduh also serves a wide variety of menus at affordable prices. Starting from drinks such as Iced Kopilang, Iced Kopi Klepon, Mochacino, various tea concoctions, to dishes such as Soaring Taste Chicken Noodles and Langit Seduh Fried Rice. Guaranteed, the taste will not disappoint.

3. Por Que No
Want to eat deliciously with Spanish flavors? Try visiting Por Que No! This popular restaurant in Menteng has cozy conditions, both indoors and outside. Outside, there is a complete bar with a skilled bartender who can make your favorite drink. And regarding food, they have a wide variety of choices, ranging from individual menus to large menus that can be enjoyed with friends. The address is De Ritz Building lt. 5, Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto No. 91, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

4. SILK Bistro
SILK Bistro has a unique appeal with its building design which has a strong colonial feel. The original building even came from a historic residence in Menteng which was once owned by a former general in 2018. 1995. Dominated by striking cream and brown colors, SILK Bistro not only offers delicious dishes, but also a different visual experience through its historical charm.

What’s exciting is that SILK Bistro has succeeded in mixing the flavors of Asian cuisine in an exclusive presentation. Starting from Garlic Lobster Noodle, Saigon Chicken, Wagyu Rib Eye, to interesting dessert choices such as Tofu Cheesecake and Matcha Fondant which are perfect to end dinner. Not only that, this place is also a really good photo spot, especially in the afternoon when the evening light gives off a golden color.

5. SKYE Bar & Restaurant
SKYE Bar & Restaurant, as the name suggests, is a restaurant and bar that offers an appetizing western menu. This restaurant offers beautiful views from a height, with conditions suitable for relaxing and enjoying your free time. At night, SKYE turns into a lounge with pleasant conditions for hanging out with friends, both after a long day of work and during the weekend. The address is BCA Tower lt. 56, Jalan MH. Thamrin No. 1, Central Jakarta

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